About the team

Absolutely every link is important in a team

“Communication between people has great power. If the team as a whole is doing well, then every member of the team is doing well,” says Tormi Leinart, CEO of Montreco Elekter OÜ. Montreco Elekter OÜ is a company founded in 2017, where all kinds of electrical work are performed, from the design of the electricity network and the transmission of electricity to smaller electrical work. It is a subsidiary of Montreco OÜ. Tormi himself has a long-term experience in the field of project management. It is this position that has given him many of the lessons he needed to get to where he is today. Responsibility, respect for other people, and accuracy are the values that Tormi carries in himself in his daily life. He received these values from his grandfather, on whose farm he did various jobs during his childhood. “Before going to work, my grandfather made a list of jobs that needed to be done. The work had to be done by the evening,” recalls Tormi. The grandfather himself was a great example with his diligence and dedication. He had a full-time job and also kept a farm. Tormi believes that these are the values that also carry him on the wave of work.

Tormi has studied automation and has also worked as an installer of building automation for some years. His further career has developed as a project manager and electrical project manager. He has controlled and managed building automation, low-voltage works, high-voltage works as well as all communication and communication with subcontractors. “The job of a project manager is never boring because there are always new challenges. Even if you think that you have already seen everything, a completely new situation is coming,” Tormi characterizes the charm and pain of the work of a project manager.

Tormi ended up in Montreco OÜ completely by accident. He was contacted by the company and offered a position as CEO. The offer seemed tempting but, at first, a little intimidating. As a person who loves challenges, Tormi decided to give himself a chance. So far, he has not had to regret it: “The experience of being a project manager is something that cannot be learned at school. The same is true for the position of CEO. Much of the knowledge comes from work.” As a leader and being a link between different departments of the company, he considers communication to be especially important. He opens up about his job: “The prerequisite for success is the readiness to learn, adapt and cope with the tensions that have arisen.” Tormi always carries a good mood with him because he believes that a negative mood will not go far. Negativity increases negativity.

As CEO, his focus is on developing and motivating the company’s employees and creating a supportive work environment for them. Tormi doesn’t think there are stupid questions: “It is better to ask for advice than to try to cope with everything by yourself. At the end of the day, none of us is perfect. You don’t have to know everything. If people could accept it, many difficult situations would be resolved more quickly.”

Tormi also sees great benefits in giving feedback to employees, emphasizing the need for both positive and negative feedback. However, only if they do not come from a bad emotion. Recognition takes on further, but sometimes there are lessons to be learned from constructive criticism. People have different ways of receiving feedback, so everyone needs to be approached individually. The quality of the work is important, and Tormi himself is proud of what he has achieved with the team. He also emphasizes the importance of keeping private and professional life separate. “People need to find a balance between their work and their private lives. The two cannot be fused together because then one side suffers unintentionally. As a manager, I don’t count sitting hours because I trust my employees. When the work is done, there are no problems,” the man describes his attitude to the division of work and free time.

Difficult situations arise unintentionally in a position of high responsibility. There are many obstacles, but according to Tormi, the ability to overcome them matters. “A conscious approach to challenging situations is key. Everyone should know how to restore internal balance in themselves after a difficult situation. Not everything can be taken in, and the negative emotions of other people cannot be collected either because it is the freeway to burn out. Good health is paramount. If there is no strong health, the quality of life is also poor. I can handle tensions and solve problems much better if I feel good and healthy,” concludes Tormi.

Tormi Leinart, Montreco OÜ CEO

The team of Montreco OÜ is bound by mutual respect and trust. By working with each other and taking each other into account, we are committed to working towards our goals. Working hours are mostly flexible and everyone, without exception, feels that they can concentrate on work without constant scrutiny and control. This is only possible thanks to the understanding and human managers. However, the team itself provides the clearest overview of this.

Ly, the assistant to the manager, appreciates the working time flexibility the most. She has 37 years of experience working in the city government and has been working in Montreco for seven years now. As a helpful person, Ly ended up in the company through its owner, Jaak, who invited her to help him. It was supposed to be a short-term solution, but she came and stayed. During her time at work, Ly has learned so much new and gained valuable experience. She values the company’s understanding and trusting leaders. The team also fits well together and unwaveringly pursues its goals.

Chief Financial Officer Janek also points out the trust of the manager as an extremely important aspect. He also came to the company through the owner, Jaak, having previously cooperated with him. Janek appreciates the opportunity to make his own decisions and do things at his own discretion. In addition, for him, development opportunity is important, and this is guaranteed in the supportive atmosphere of the company. Now, he has been working for the company for two years and feels that he is in the right place.

Raido, the project manager, arrived at the company on the same day as Janek. It’s been two years since he saw a job advertisement at the CV Center and decided to apply. Raido likes it that all projects are exciting and different, so there is no danger of falling into the trap of routine. However, it is especially important that there are no tensions in the team. The work takes place in a pleasant atmosphere, and the rapport with the managers is good.

Foreman Olavi has had previous contact with entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship seemed more exciting at first than it later turned out to be through experience. That’s why Olavi decided to take time out, but not for long. He also knew Jaak, the owner of Montreco OÜ, who contacted him and offered him a job. Olavi decided to give it a try, and by now, he has been trying for almost three years. “It’s much more exciting to work in Montreco than to be a lone wolf. The team is top-notch,” he says.

Site manager Lauri has a long-term experience as a site manager, having worked in the same position in different companies. He noticed the advertisement and decided to apply. The further process went fast. He will soon have been in Montreco for a year. Lauri likes that he can do things calmly because no one is breathing down his neck, and no one is causing tension. He points out cooperation as an important keyword that, in his opinion, characterizes the current team the most. Leaders have given him the opportunity to develop through independent work. He does not have to report on every step taken, but he must also have the courage to take responsibility for the decisions made.

Time and time again, all roads lead back to the owner Jaak. Construction project manager Kuldar also received a call from him with a job offer. This time, however, it was Ly who gave Jaak a hint to call Kuldar, as she had cooperated with Kuldar on her previous job. Kuldar was known as an extremely hard-working, dedicated, and a hundred percent reliable person. And all this turned out to be true, and so now he has been working for the company for five years. Kuldar likes the location of the company and the attitude of the managers towards the employees. The objects are interesting, and there are no boring days. There are also plenty of challenges, but this is what Kuldar appreciates.

Anton, the electrical project manager, is a man who could have almost slipped through the company’s fingers. Fortunately, this did not happen. Namely, the man applied for a job through the CV Center, but an unexpected delay in the recruitment process forced him to make the decision to go the other way. A few months later, however, he was contacted again by Montreco, and this offer was one that he could not refuse. Anton enjoys a routine-free and challenging job here.

Merli, who has lived in Australia for six years and worked in the service industry, has worked in Montreco for four years. Merli also joined the company through the owner Jaak, who offered her the opportunity to operate in a completely different field than before. Merli is the company’s human resources manager, and she is also about to graduate from the university. She states that she comes to work every day in a good mood because she knows that a positive team and human leaders await her there. The development has certainly been fast during the time Merli has been working for the company, and this is exactly what she likes. She believes that development begins where the comfort zone ends.  

The common values of the Montreco team are a supportive team, the flexibility of working hours, development opportunities, freedom of routine, reliability, and humanity. It is also clearer than water that a sense of duty and accuracy are also the qualities that drive a team.